Frequently Asked Questions

What is IP315 Ministries?
A calling to ministry to reach out to the individual, marriage/family, Church and entire community to encourage and challenge them to discipleship and Kingdom living as they strive to mature and grow in the free gift of salvation. Our desire is to call all that we are led to into the Lordship of Christ and our discipleship under His Authority to establish the priority and positive effect on every other relationship we develop and grow in as we strive to work together for the Unity of Christ’s Kingdom as He prayed for in John 17.

Why IP315 Ministries?
The Church has in the past couple of decades done a great job of focusing on reaching the unchurched, seekers and new believers. As we’ve counseled and ministered to individuals, marriages, parents and others, the need for deeper growth and discipleship has become evident. Our goal is to come alongside the Church to encourage and challenge those who desire to join us in order to complement and fulfill the “discipleship” portion of the Great Commission in every area of our lives and society.

What is the Vision of IP315?
This is a Kingdom vision approach with the Gospel of salvation, redemption and sanctification for every person and every realm of our culture as the Lord sees fit to open the door for us to share with those who seek.

What is the Message of IP315 Ministries?
“Birthed from much prayer and the leading of the Holy Spirit for our ministry and offerings to flow from I Peter 3:15, we teach Christ’s Lordship above all else, our discipleship and every relationship as an outgrowth from this priority Kingdom relationship. The Lordship of Christ, the answer of Hope and Truth that is within us through Christ, given in gentleness and respect.

What do you offer?
See Seminars/Workshops.

What does it cost?
We have set rates based on what is desired by each organization but first and foremost this is a ministry established by the prompting of the Holy Spirit under the authority of Christ and we want to reach all that the Lord brings to us and us to them. Please contact us at or 859.229.6504 for more details.